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About Our Childcare


Welcome parents /guardians and children, I am happy you are interested in my

program! This website should answer most questions regarding the policies and procedures that make my program so valuable for families. The day your child enters into my program is considered a very important milestone in his/her life. Therefore, I have planned very carefully to receive your child. I want you and your child happy with the decision you’ve made in choosing my program. Therefore, if you have any questions not covered on this website or in the handbook, please do not hesitate to ask me.

My program has a vast vision that focuses on cultivating self-esteem, self-discipline, social relationship, and physical as well as emotional growth. I believe that it is essential to have good communication between the parents/guardians and provider. Your cooperation and support promote and enriches the learning environment for your child. In making this a joint effort we can work together towards our mutual goal of providing a “brilliant future” for your child. I look forward to getting to know you and your family. I want the change from home to family childcare to be a happy transition - one in which your child feels safe and secure. As parents, you are cordially invited to visit us  remember to keep us informed regarding your child’s progress. We consider that you are “enrolled” along with your child, for you are as important to your child in his/her childcare experience.

Pencils and Crayons honors the integrity and worth of each individual in a highly diverse and multicultural environment. In my family childcare program, I am dedicated to promoting an educational awareness of the richness of cultural diversity, and to instilling in the children the desire to grow into great, respectable responsible adults that encourages the child to becoming lifelong learners. The program prepares our children to excel in a global environment.

Our Vision

Pencils and Crayon strives to become a model of twenty-first-century education by intentionally growing our programs; constantly adapting to advancing in area where needed; while meeting each child where they are and; nurturing a life-long love of learning.


Our Mission

Pencils and Crayons enables each child to meet their academic, developmental, and social potential. We believe in the importance of diversity and respect; we prepare our children to excel in the environment.

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